Tuesday, April 9, 2013

gross food

I was a very picky eater as a child. My children up to recently did not decide to haunt me with this bad habit that I had. UNTIL NOW. #3 18 months has now decided he will not eat the food that I give him in his highchair. NO he would rather eat the grossest thing he can find in my house that day. 
1. Normally everyday he throws all of his breakfast on the floor. I leave it there while I run my oldest to school. Then when he gets home he just eats it off the floor. Or if I am a good mom and I sweep then he run over and tries to get it out of my swept pile. 
- i know i know sweep while he is still in his chair--- some how that never seems to work out :) 
2. He would like to finish my apple at the park that he has dropped in the dirt multiple times 
3. The random crumbs in my car from ??? 
4. Candy with the wrapper still on 
5. Deodorant 
6. My kids soggy morning cereal
7. His latest was a piece of  raisin toast that was left outside and was kinda soggy. I even went inside got him a fresh piece of toast NO he would not leave the soggy one alone. Really child really. 

Apparently, the food that I give him, in his nice clean chair and looking un mysterious and adventurish is just way to boring for him. 

This is him eating an ice cream cone in the bath tub. Maybe I am to nice and have created my own little monster. 

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